Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: they work!

"Today the Stockholm community council in Sweden announced that the French company Veolia who has been the current operator at the Subway's in Stockholm County for 10 years lost the contract to the MTR-cooperation.

The contracts for the coming 8 years is worth 3,5 Billion EURO and has been the biggest ongoing public contract procurement process in Europe.

Although the board for county's public transportation ensured the decision was based on commercial factors the debate about Veolias involvement in a controversial tramway project in Jerusalem (Jerusalem light railway) has been intense in Swedish media.

The tramway connecting the Israeli west Jerusalem with illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian territory has triggered discussions about Veolia's ethical policy. Public protests against Veolia has brought the attention to the dilemma of operating public services when you at he same time are involved in politically controversial activities." (Thanks Marcy)


Anonymous said...

inspiring. thx for posting. let's hope more corporations feel the pinch of their own immorality.

How to get the US military to divest? Obama called the murdered today and his collaborators seeking their continuing cooperation.

northshorewoman said...

that is, he called the murderer....

Obama's Ear said...

I have a new blog: where I hope we can use Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees Of Separation, to get alternative view points into Obama's Ear.