Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Empire fights hard and dirty

So is that what it takes? Is that how the Empire intends to strike back at the demonstrators in Egypt? By unleashing goons and thugs, all paid members of the security forces (we saw the IDs) on camel back and horse back, and having them throw stones and molotov cocktails at the demonstrators in Tahreer? Oh I see the plot: now that the security forces are dressed as civilians, it does not matter anymore: the will of the People is prevailing, and some "people" want Mubarak to stay on. So is it Obama's and Ban Ki Moon's and all the other comparses fault in the "People" is divided? Now the demonstrators can be repressed by...other demonstrators, in reality members of the armed security forces in disguise. The Egyptian army can rest (it has been resting since 1973), it wil not interfere with the will of the people... What a good way out! What a grotesque ploy especially with the horses and the camels. It would be comical; if there weren't real people getting hurt and dying fighting for freedom and for freedom.

I knew the Empire would fight hard and dirty. I didn't expect it to sink that low. Another sign of the unavoidability of the demise of the global world order. Courage Egyptian comrades. Courage.

I have to say one thing though: This whole episode puts back into perspective the whole issue of non-violence and of "civil" disobedience. How can a regime accept its own demise when its power structure and its repression apparatus is still fully functional? I think it was Trotsky who said that for a popular uprising to succeed, the armed forces must be neutralized otherwise the power structure tilts in favor of those who are armed. 

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