Monday, October 17, 2011

My interview With Robert Naiman in Just Foreign Policy

"This experience at least raises the possibility that broad public opinion in the U.S. could play a greater role going forward in constraining the U.S. government from supporting repression in the Arab world. The benefits for humanity of such a shift would be so great that even a small increase in its probability deserves serious attention.
With these concerns in mind, I recently read Rami Zurayk's book, Food, Farming, and Freedom: Sowing the Arab Spring. Zurayk is an agronomy professor at the American University of Beirut, a civic activist in Lebanon, especially around issues of support for agriculture and development in southern Lebanon, and author of the blog Land and People, about issues of rural development.
Food, Farming, and Freedom addresses issues of food sovereignty, farming, environment, and rural economic development in the Arab world, providing "backstory" for the Arab Spring: what were the conditions that helped produce this uprising?"

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rox said...

I really appreciate your blog so much ! so interesting .
do you have the same issues of big farms and monsanto things like that in Lebanon ? we are in Canada but I am 1/4 Lebanese both my great grandparents were from Lebanon , well I think back then my great grandfather was from Syria they called it back then .
they were from the Malouf & Ateah (Atiyah ?) sorry I've no idea how the names are spelled in Lebanon with immigration and trying to assimilate the anglo version is all we have now . I do have an older cousin who had visted Lebanon and met the families and he can speak read Arabic he loves the culture etc. very much I am going to send him the link so he can read too . I appreciate you making the effort to post in english too thanks so much your blog really is interesting !