Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to deal with the natives release 2.0

The following publication from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace   The Emerging Order in the Middle East By Sinan Ülgen , Nathan Brown , Marina Ottaway , Paul Salem Policy Outlook, May 2012 "In the political realm, demanding that Islamist movements adopt broad ideological agendas that endorse secularism or blanket philosophical commitments to core values such as women’s rights is the wrong approach. Instead, international actors should focus on a few, very specific issues for special emphasis, such as international human rights standards, the maintenance of existing treaty relationships, and the principle of peaceful settlement of international disputes. Such pressure will be most effective if it is uniform, so all parties should strive to behave consistently. The international community should also expand its engagement beyond a small number of elite political actors, focusing diplomatic efforts on building bridges to entire societies. In the end, there may be little the West can do to decrease the mutual suspicion that exists between Islamists and secular forces in these countries, but it must act to include both Islamists and secularists in all dealings with the Arab region." (thanks anne)

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