Thursday, March 4, 2010

Families flee Syria drought

"Thousands of families have fled droughts in Syria while those left behind are struggling to survive on limited food and water. Three years of drought have caused widespread food and water shortages in the poorest eastern part of the country. About 300,000 families have been driven out of their homes to Damascus, Aleppo and other cities in what the United Nations has dubbed “ one of the largest internal displacements in the Middle East in recent years.” “Our wells are dry, and the rains don’t come,” said Ahmed Abu Hamed Mohieddin, a wheat farmer from the town of Qamishli. “We cannot depend on God’s will for our crops. We come to the city, where the money is,” he told Bloomberg news service. He and three sons work as porters in the capital’s vegetable markets."

We really need to learn more about the extent of this. 

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