Sunday, March 28, 2010

Israel and Guyana: farming the relationship

"Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud is currently in Israel to further discussions on increased cooperation in agriculture.

The agriculture ministry reported that Persaud met with his counterpart Shalom Simhon in Beit Dagan to discuss developments in tilapia rearing, greenhouse and drip irrigation industries and fruit and vegetable production.

In a release, the Government Information Agency (GINA) said Persaud’s trip was arranged by USAID/GTIS. GINA noted that Israel has a reputation for achieving high productivity in agriculture over the past 50 years. Although it is challenged by the scarcity of resources, including the most basic such as fertile land and water, it has been able to produce with very high yields."

One day, I will take time to sit and work on debunking the alleged israeli farming miracle. I will show that it is in the best colonial settler traditions and that the externalities are tremendous and that the whole sector is contingent of state support and on favorable terms of trade offered by Western nations. But I posted this for a different reason: look at the comments, how many of them are anti israeli.

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