Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Green (de)politics

"Nestlé, the world's biggest food manufacturer, says it will make the palm oil in its best-selling chocolate bars more eco-friendly, after a guerrilla campaign against it on the internet.

The Swiss confectionery-to-coffee giant said it was inviting a not-for-profit group to audit its supply chain and promised to cancel contracts with any firm found to be chopping down rainforests to produce the vegetable oil, which it uses in KitKat, Aero and Quality Street.

The concession followed a three-month campaign by the environmental group Greenpeace, which led to Nestlé being attacked on social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube. One million people watched Greenpeace's spoof advert for KitKat, despite its being taken off YouTube temporarily after a legal threat." (Thanks Laila)

It's not that I'm not happy for the orangutans, but the problem with Nestle goes far far beyond the environment: corporate control, pushing the consumption of unhealthy foods, forcing baby infant formula, investing in Israel...But the international environmental movement won't talk about that. They would rather try hard to bring the oppressor and the oppressed (zionists and Palestinians) together around a vapid agenda of green reconciliation. Recently IUCN has tried again to bring Arabs and israelis to a meeting in Spain to discuss "Important Plants Areas" in the Middle East. The only important plant part in this meeting was the fig leaf that could barely cover the attempt at forcing track 2 diplomacy and de-facto recognition of Israel. The Lebanese delegation withdrew. Goes to show how lame and soft and mainstream liberal Green (de)politics are: their biggest institutions act as zionist propagandists and then dare to use the word "justice".

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