Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rejoice o Arabs, Nestle is growing on you

"Nestle is expecting over 10 per cent growth in 2010 in the Middle East, and is building four new factories in the region, one of which is in Dubai, said Yves Manghardt, Chairman and CEO of Nestle Middle East. His confident view of business prospects in the Middle East for this year was in contrast to what happened in 2009 which was "a tough year with low growth".


Nestle is the world's largest food company, with $101.4 billion in sales in 2009. It employs more than 280,000 employees, and has 499 factories in 83 countries. It has over 10,000 products, and sells over one billion products every day. All of this makes Nestle more than double the size of Pepsi, its nearest rival in the processed food sector."

Just as a reminder:

"Osem Investments Ltd. (TASE: OSEM) (Hebrew: אסם‎) is one of the largest food manufacturers and distributors in Israel.[1] The group is majority owned (51%) by Nestlé S.A. of Switzerland.

The Group operates 10 different Production facilities in Israel and distributes its produce through its distribution centers. In 2007, the Group completed the construction of a Nationwide Distribution and Logistics center. In Addition, the Group exports its produce to Europe and the United States through its overseas subsidiaries, Osem U.K. Ltd. and Osem USA Inc.

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Dalila said...

I stopped buying Nestle as other multinational companies like it years ago, but get made fun of by almost all my friends for it. What can we do to change people's perceptions and educate them about Nestle's evil ways?