Monday, January 31, 2011

Western liberal left shows its ugly face

What are the implications for the Middle East?

Egypt is the most populous Arab nation and, as the first to sign a peace treaty with Israel, a major Middle Eastern player. A change in regime could have a big impact on the fragile peace process. But the biggest fear is of a domino effect, similar to what happened in eastern Europe in 1989, when a successful uprising encourages other "people power" movements, leaving Arab autocrats nervous and oil prices in flux.

And for the west?

As reflected in the mild comments from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on Friday, western politicians need to achieve the right balance between backing the people's legitimate demands and protecting their own interests. It is not good for western powers to lend their support to autocratic regimes. But it is in no one's interest to have a political vacuum in countries where extremism and violence can flourish and where much of the world's oil reserves are managed.
This is from the UK Guardian. They are actually justifying autocratic Arab regimes and are more worried about Israel than about freedom, democracy and the Arab people. I can't say I'm surprised, bloody hypocrite racist colonials, which ever shade of pink they chose to wear. Never trusted them anyways. 

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