Saturday, January 8, 2011

One day...

One day I will leave everything and go back to Yemen and live there in a different space-time. I will khazzen (chew) the best qat everyday and chain smoke qamaran lights listen to Ahmad Fathi and Abu Bakr Salem and after qat I will drink whisky to complete the effect of the qat and I will sleep a couple of hours and wake up with a hangover and with the qat still running around my head and in the morning I will eat kibda and louhouh bread and at noon I will go and chose the qat for the day's chew and eat salta and lahm and shower and perfume myself and go chew and listen to Ahmad Fathi and Abu Bakr. I will do this till I die a happy man. And when this happens I want all the people I have known and loved to come to a big takhzeena and remember me while listening to this song by Ahmad Fathi, words by the great Yemeni poet Abdul Aziz Al Maqaleh. I have translated it in French in an earlier post.

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