Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya: the Empire pacifies its provinces

March 19 2011. Let's mark this day carefully: This is when the imperial alliance, its vassals and its lackeys (and I include the UN here) has engaged itself militarily in the Arab World in the 21st century. The Imperial Alliance is using remote overpower, an approach developed and tested by Israel, which has been using the Arab World as a testing field for Imperial weaponry since its creation.

With cruise missiles and aerial raids, the Imperial Alliance is targeting the brigades of Libya's torturer, Qaddhafi and has destroyed or paralyzed most of the Libyan air power, according to the US communiques. The Alliance is trying to present this move, which came with Arab League and UN cover, as an act of humanity aimed at the protection of civilians and as an intervention is support of democracy in the Arab World.

Let no one be fooled, these people know no humanity, nor should we want their selective humaneness.

In 2006, This same alliance has watched Lebanon being destroyed at the hands of the zionist air force for 33 days (and I'm only giving an example), while it provided weapons, support and encouragement to the aggressors. They called the massacre of our people "birth pangs" of the New Middle East. And when we defeated the zionist forces, they hid behind the UN to send brigades of their soldiers to South Lebanon to protect the zionist entity, as Angela Merkel delicately put it.

Nor does the attack of Qaddhafi's forces come as a contribution to the democratic Arab Revolutions. The Alliance only likes democracy when it serves its interests. Gaza has been under a murderous siege for 6 years, with the blessings of that same alliance, because the outcomes of the democratic process in Gaza was not to its liking.

And please let us not forget the fact that the Alliance itself has rehabilitated the tyrant Qaddhafi and made of this fool a philosopher and a deep thinker. France, the first power to strike Libya yesterday, has enjoyed the sight of his tent in the middle of one of its garden.

What the Alliance is seeking is control, of course. Control over oil and markets in the Libya that will emerge. Control over African immigration to Europe across the Mediterranean. Control over the politics of Libya. Essentially, the Empire is pacifying its provinces. So please, spare us the moral high grounds.

We should remain dedicated to the Arab Revolution and fully supportive of the Libyan revolution. We should organize alongside the Libyan people in support of their struggle against Qaddhafi and for social justice. But we should be fully aware that calling in the Empire carries a very high price.


matt said...

Without that "Empire", every last Libyan would be killed. It would've been far cheaper, oil-wise, for the "Empire" states to sit back and let Qaddhafi blow them to pieces, then go back to buying his sweet crude.

Anonymous said...

You really shouldn't allow your biases to overwhelm your every thought.

Nobody thinks these people are selfless angels but be honest with yourself, what do you think would have happened to the Libyan revolution if absolutely no one from the outside intervened to help the rebels militarily?

Don't be so fanatical about your ideology, allow some give or you risk becoming exactly like those you criticize, inflexible and self-righteous.

BB said...

To Matt and Anon:

NATO countries and GCC allies want to install Mustafa Abdul Jalil in Qadhdhafi's place. If you two could just take some time away from patting yourselves on the backs for supporting this new war, maybe you might be able to do some research and realize that Abdul Jalil is just as bad as Qadhdhafi.

Steve Bloom said...

Ah, the successor regime. That's the trick, isn't it?