Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Petroaltruism: Selfless military intervention in oil-rich countries

I just made up this word. Check the article below on the humanitarian motives of the West in Libya. 

"And what would be the purpose of regime change? It is possible the economic benefits of lucrative oil and gas contracts for Western companies, and securing energy supplies for Europe from a source that would be convenient both for ease of supply and for defending, provide sufficient motivation. I would, however, posit another geostrategic benefit that would be of more direct interest to the United States: a strategic insurance policy with regard to the now-uncertain trajectory of Egyptian politics. In the meantime, since geostrategic opportunities can flow in more than one direction, Egypt would benefit, as all states would, from having a powerful influence on the politics of a direct neighbour; indeed, there have been apparently confirmed reports the Egyptian military has been supplying arms (in violation of an official arms embargo on Libya), and unconfirmed reports of Egyptian special forces support, to the Benghazi-based rebels (see the Wall Street Journal and IISS discussion online, from 55:32, respectively)." (Thanks Karim)


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