Saturday, June 11, 2011

Making money from the food crisis in the Middle East

"The events in the Middle East, while a very visible catalyst of commodities prices, are in no way isolated indicators of a massive growth in demand for agricultural commodities and the products and services rendered to producers of these commodities. To once again beat a dead horse, the population is growing and not only that, it is getting richer. With increased population and purchasing power there is a steady, growing demand for food. It is as simple as that. While one could try to play the demographics game more tightly and focus investments in companies with out-sized exposure to certain growth markets, we feel confident that the traditional players offer a good first look for investors who are committed to this investment thesis.
We don't advocate speculating on the agricultural commodities market, but rather suggest that investors might find opportunities to invest with companies that benefit from these two "mega trends."
Commodity prices are rising and the world is going to need more food over the next century. Here are some names that will continue to respond to the world's food needs."

would I surprise anyone if I said that Monsanto is among these? Read more 

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