Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Dubai, they think normalization with Israel is to slow

"In these circumstances, the lack of cooperation between Israel and its neighbours is a lose-lose situation for everyone. Israel has been spearheading research and innovation to overcome a harsh climate and water scarcity. But there is very little knowledge sharing between Israel and other countries in the MENA region."

This is from an article in the Khaleej Times, published in Dubai. It laments the lack of normalization between Arabs and Israel. It is written by an Israeli whose job is "to connect businesses across geopolitical borders in transfer of technology in sectors such as logistics, renewable energy, plastic, agriculture and medical fields. The countries in focus are Jordan, Qatar, and UAE." WTF???????? Is there no shame left???

The Arab Spring is about to bloom in the Gulf as it is doing in Egypt right now. 

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