Sunday, September 4, 2011

my article in al akhbar english: the environment as a revolutionary space

Corporations use this NGO baiting to advertise themselves as environmentally and socially responsible, while proceeding with large-scale resources plundering and profit accumulation. This process has a name. It is called greenwashing. I wont even get here into how some members of the environmental and developmental sector accept crumbs from governments that arm Israel with billions of US dollars to allow it to better destroy our lands with cluster bombs, to burn our forests and to bomb our fuel tanks causing one of the largest environmental oil spills in the Mediterranean. This is why this honor code is badly needed. It could be a major step towards an ethical charter that self-regulates the work of a sector that draws its strength from its claims to represent society.


Andrew Engel said...

Hi Rami, sorry to ask you here, I could not find anywhere else on the blog to contact you.

I am very curious to what extent mullberries and juniper berries grow in Lebanon. Do they grow in the wild or can they be cultivated? I have not found much online, but I figured the juniper is a relative of the cedar so there must be juniper trees!



Rami Zurayk said...

Hi Andrew

Mulberies are very common in Lebanon nd used to be an industrial crop from the 17th to the 19th century. The leaves were used to feed silkworms

There are 3 species of Juniper in Lebanon: J. exelca, J. oxycedrus and J. drupacea. excelsa is the more impressive one, only growing beyond 1,500m

hope this is useful