Tuesday, December 30, 2008

From Helena

Dear friends--

I've been doing a bunch of blogging about Israel's latest war of choice against Gaza, looking primarily at its political-strategic dimensions in light of my lengthy familiarity with the records of the main actors on both sides (including the interviews and other material I've gathered on Hamas's leaders over the past 20 years.)

Three of the main posts I've done in the past couple of days are here:

Check them out. You can also find some of my earlier writings on Hamas here: http://justworldnews.org/archives/002789.html

Let's all hope for speedy de-escalation and real peacemaking in Israel/Palestine.

Happy New Year.

~ Helena.

Helena Cobban
author, Re-engage! America and the World After Bush
Friend in Washington for FCNL
author and publisher, Justworldnews.org

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