Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Land conflicts

Land conflicts: a practical guide to dealing with land disputes

Authors: Wehrmann,B.
Produced by: Deutsche Gessellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (2008)

Land conflicts often have extensive negative effects on economic, social, spatial and ecological development. This is especially true in developing countries and countries in transition, where land market institutions are weak, opportunities for economic gain by illegal action are widespread and many poor people lack access to land. Land conflicts can have disastrous effects on individuals as well as on groups and even entire nations. Many conflicts that are perceived to be clashes between different cultures are actually conflicts over land and related natural resources.

This guide aims to broaden the understanding of the complexity of causes that lead to land conflicts in order to provide for better-targeted ways of addressing such conflicts.It is intended for all those working in the land sector, in natural resource management and in urban and rural development.

A variety of options for settling ongoing land conflicts and for preventing new ones are discussed and a number of tools with which to analyse land conflicts are provided. In addition, the guide provides useful training material for educators and lecturers in courses in land administration and land management.

Chapters include:

  • Understanding land conflicts
  • Analysing land conflicts
  • Dealing with land conflicts
  • Preventing land conflicts
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