Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In my garden, wild plants grow

 I have a tiny garden in Sinay, my village in Jabal `Amel, South Lebanon, but many wild plants grow spontaneously in it. This year, the rains have been plentiful and the weather mild: zaatar (above) Origanum syriacum is doing very well. Zoufa, (below) Micromeria julian which is harvested, dried and used in zhourat (tisane) has also sprouted. 

And for the first time: Irises...I have identified them as Iris sisyrinchium using Ahmad Houri's excellent website.

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tasteofbeirut said...

I am one of your fans and got one of your books; did not know you had others out and I will order them asap. would you mind taking a look at the wild herbs some friends gathered recently, perhaps you could shed some light on their name and usage? that would be so awesome!!

Thank you so much!!