Monday, February 15, 2010

Zionist euphemisms: "sabotage network catalysts"

Here's the executive summary of the Haaretz article I have referred to a couple of posts below. Note that in this summary, the threat is presented as very real and potent while the article tried to downplay it.

5. The Reut Institute contends that the erosion in Israel's status internationally is driven by the coalescence of two parallel process:

  • The Resistance Network advancing the 'implosion strategy' that aims to precipitate Israel's internal collapse through a policy of 'overstretch': To achieve this, the Resistance Network increases the burden of the 'Occupation,' delegitimizes Israel, and develops an asymmetric use-of-force doctrine in the military arena and towards Israel's home front. These groups take their inspiration from the collapse of the former Soviet Union and apartheid South Africa.

  • The Delegitimization Network aiming to turn Israel into a pariah state by undermining its moral legitimacy and ultimately aspiring towards eliminating the ‘Zionist entity.'"

    and look here how there is a call for "sabotaging" anti-zionist activists: we may see mossad action soon.

    "On the one hand, Israel must identify and focus its efforts on global hubs of delegitimization (such as London, Toronto, Madrid, and the Bay Area). In this context, Israel should sabotage network catalysts and drive a wedge between its component parts, primarily between soft critics of Israeli policy and delegitimizers of its existence."
    (Thanks Rabi)

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northshorewoman said...

shocking. I found no. 18 troubling, too.