Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meanwhile in Shanghai...

I have just learned from someone who is involved with the Palestinian delegation to the Shanghai World Expo 2010 themed Better City Better life that the Israelis have pulled a series of their usual dirty tricks. The Zionists have apparently taken a whole wing of the expo pavilion and they were promoting the temporary usurping zionist entity using photos of the Palestinian heritage: the church of the holy sepulcher, the dome of the rock, and others, many of which are in fact in the lands occupied in 1967. The Palestinian delegation complained that this was their heritage that was stolen by the usurper and exposed as a loot. Under pressure, the Chinese organizers requested the israelis to withdraw the pictures. The israelis complied after lots of fussing about. I was told that they replaced the photos they removed with photos of unbuilt space which the Palestinians took as a direct message that they will destroy the heritage they cannot usurp.

Then the zionists went to the Palestinian stand and they found that there were pictures of zionist occupation soldiers among those of the cities of the West Bank that were on display. They complained to the Chinese organizers who asked for explanation as, apparently, the photo exhibits are not supposed to show images of conflict. The Palestinians responded that it is very difficult to take any picture in any city of the West Bank without having an occupation soldier in it, and that they did not want to fool the potential visitors who had the right to know that there will be occupation forces around should they decide to visit. Eventually, they asked for a 48 hours grace period before removing them, which, I was told, was granted. However, a few hours later, the Chinese organizers ordered the closing of the Palestinian stand. Clearly, the volume of israeli-Chinese exchange is much larger than that between the West Bank and China.

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"the Chinese organizers ordered the closing of the Palestinian stand"

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