Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miseres Francophones

There are a lot of bad newspapers in the world, and the arab world is no exception. But one of the worst newspapers ever to have existed must be Lebanon's L'Orient-Le Jour. What a waste of trees! Published in French, LOLJ is a classic case of colonized minds, in the sense that Franz Fanon talked about in Black Skins-White Masks. Read it if you don't get what I say because it is absolutely essential material. But on top of endorsing and peddling colonized agendas, LOLJ specialized in racist prose. Read any editorial and you will understand what I say: the newspaper is focused on the "ennemies of enlightenment and civilization and modernity" and its political message is idiotic and often simply deliriously evil.

However, my friend Bech won't let them get away with it: he has created a blog that specializes, among other things, in deconstructing LOLJ discourse. It is called Miseres Francophones and it is a gem. Read this post here if you don't believe me.

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