Sunday, November 7, 2010

Obama in India: more monsanto

"India's agricultural policies have been sold out to multinational corporations. Who knows Monsanto might just usurp Mattu and drive us all out," he says anxiously. He would hope Obama's visit would change things. A little perhaps.

No Scarecrow Will Chase the US Away

*Without constant vigilance, we will soon be utterly dependent on America for our food"

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"US President Barack Obama, who receives so much love, adulation, respect and column space in India, has, even before he lands in India just after Diwali, given us his gift: no US endorsement of a UNSC seat for India; no more loosening up of technology restrictions; and no softening of his, admittedly wrong-headed, anti-offshoring tirade.
In return, he wants India to open up its markets for wonderful American goods like Monsanto seeds, Dow Jones’ chemicals and the like; buy whatever military equipment America will decide India is fit to have; and, he even wants the Indian government to violate a law passed by the Indian Parliament – the nuclear liability legislation – in whatever way it can to create a “level-playing field” for American companies."
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Unknown said...

do you happen to have a copy of that deccan chronicle article? it has mysteriously disappeared. thanks.


Rami Zurayk said...

just click on the "here". I tried it and the link works