Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brilliant class analysis of the events and post events of may 15 Return to Palestine by Daniel Drennan

Deep, sensible, sharp and crisp analysis of the events and the controversies surrounding the Return to Palestine March of May 15. The best I have seen written around the subject of Palestine and class in a long long time. By comrade Daniel

"How can we not imagine the emotion of living life, generation after generation, in one kilometer square, and then finding oneself 500 meters from one's homeland? In what way can it possibly be denied to people on this side of the border fence, on this, the land they currently live in with dubious status and standing, unarmed and peacefully marching, the right to make such a statement? And even if one from among them managed to cut the fence, or climb the fence, or scale this artificial border, why would you allow that border to be defined, entrenched, made permanent by your acknowledging its existence? Would you add the force of your voice to the bullet that stopped this one returning home dead in his tracks? Is this not a recognition of the Israeli entity? An acceptance of the power differential of this world? Are you willing to make that statement out loud? Are you willing to pick up that rifle and shoot? Do not dare call these martyrs puppets of parties or factions. Do not dare remove from them agency above and beyond the removal of agency that they daily suffer from. Do not dare attempt to deny that those organizing this event were likewise down in that valley protesting, or else were down in that valley exhorting protesters to return to safer ground, but who were down there nonetheless. Do not dare to create distance where there was none. Do not dare. For we know, we witnessed. And you do not get to impose your sterile remove on us. This is ignoble in its cynicism; a divisive tactic worthy only of the enemy."

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