Thursday, January 26, 2012

Israel to use India as a hub for trade with Arab countries. BDS take note

"India will become a hub for Israeli exports to the Middle East once a free trade agreement is signed between the two countries, the CEO of the Ramat Gan branch of the State Bank of India said Wednesday.

Speaking at a seminar on Israeli- Indian trade at Tel Aviv University, A. Purushothoman said India provided Israel with a gateway not only to Arab countries with which it has no direct relations, but also to large Asian markets such as Malaysia and Indonesia."

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Anonymous said...

Apartheid is as wrong for Palestinians as it was for South Africans. The siege of Gaza and the Segregation Wall have relatively little to do with "SECURITY" and EVERYTHING to do with Ethnic Cleansing & a system of Apartheid FAR more brutal than in S.Africa, where blacks were only segregated from their colonial rulers. In Israel/Occupied Palestine/Golan Heights, the indigenous Arabs are not only segregated from their colonial rulers, but they are segregated from from EACH OTHER, families are wrenched apart and KEPT apart.

PLEASE support the international humanitarian call to Boycott ALL Israeli goods & PLEASE don't be SCARED to SPREAD THE WORD. Being Anti-APARTHEID is NOT the same as being ANTI-SEMITIC.

Thank you to all our brave Jewish friends who also continue to speak out, in growing numbers, against this abomination.