Monday, January 23, 2012

A solution comes to us from Davos

"This drove big agricultural firms like Monsanto to beat street estimates all year on the growing demand.

While those firms are often criticized for burdening farmers, especially in the developing world, with high-cost seed and fertilizers, many analysts see them as part of the solution, providing a potential upside for agricultural equities.

Green Alpha’s Jabusch says that he has no problem with genetically modified seeds, for example, but that other agricultural inputs, like water, as also becoming a limiting factor."

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Jooliz said...

"He predicts this segment (agriculture) will be a big growth area in cleantech sector in the coming years, no matter what key driver you choose."

...and then:“Change in how we produce food is needed now.”

So basically, nothing positive on the horizon. We must act NOW but on other hand, we don't have the "cleantech" yet to do it. Same myopic paradigm that is mostly to blame for where we are today no?......Davos should be "open-minded" and look at what grassroot alternative work proposes as well. Observe, listen and integrate for a more balanced outlook, that is if we truly want solutions to the mess "tech" is also to blame for.