Monday, September 3, 2007

Arabs happy to become Americans

"But helping is not always easy. One thing I have learned while meeting with business people in Jordan is that entrepreneurship as we know it in America is more of a challenge here. Generally speaking, as a people, we Americans have individual action and initiative ingrained into our national psyche. But over here, being part of a community, a tribe, is more valued. As one local successful businessman explained to me, "Arabs are traders more than entrepreneurs."

But they are learning. As a small snapshot, interest in my e-commerce programs has been high, and the entrepreneurs I meet are both passionate and savvy. In a place where there is far too much war and destruction, it is heartening to meet people committed to creating something positive. Yes, they create businesses, and jobs, and wealth, but for my money, what I most admire, is that they create hope.

Mabrouk! (Congratulations!)"

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