Saturday, October 6, 2007

Disaster capitalism

"Klein believes that neo-liberalism belongs among "the closed, fundamentalist doctrines that cannot co-exist with other belief-systems ... The world as it is must be erased to make way for their purist invention. Rooted in biblical fantasies of great floods and great fires, it is a logic that leads ineluctably towards violence." As Klein sees it, the social breakdowns that have accompanied neo-liberal economic policies are not the result of incompetence or mismanagement. They are integral to the free-market project, which can only advance against a background of disasters."

From the Guardian review of Naomi Klein's new book: "The shock doctrine: The rise of disaster capitalism"


rima said...

I actually just started reading this book. I'll have my two cents very shortly.

Rami Zurayk said...

Yalla waiting for the 2 cents. Thanks