Friday, October 26, 2007


"Why are so many kids dying? Because they can't get the milk, vitamins and minerals their young bodies need. Mothers in these villages can't produce enough milk themselves and can't afford to buy it. Even if they could, they can't store it -- there’s no electricity, so no refrigeration. Powdered milk is useless because most villagers don't have clean water. Plumpynut was designed to overcome all these obstacles.

Plumpynut is a remarkably simple concoction: it is basically made of peanut butter, powdered milk, powdered sugar, and enriched with vitamins and minerals. It tastes like a peanut butter paste. It is very sweet, and because of that kids cannot get enough of it."(Thanks Marcy)

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Anonymous said...

Plumpy nut is used as a peanut based nutritional supliment for
infants suffering from malnurishment. In north america there is a large stigma atttatched to peanut allergy,our schools and childrens lunck kits are closely monitored. Plumpy'nut is meant to cure the same symptoms that a peanut allergy causes. Vomiting, dhiareah, dehydration....
Is there a connection, and why is the peanut safe for starving infants and not north american children?