Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hot summer

Rasha digs into the electricity privatization file where there is a meeting of minds between the opposition and the loyalists. I've said it and I repeat it, on the social and economic agenda, there are no differences between opposition and loyalists. If you can read Arabic, read the article, it looks like there will be no electricity in Lebanon this summer.


Leila Abu-Saba said...

So are any of the bourgeoisie using excess funds to install solar panels instead of more Carrara marble, Italian 'blot', Louis Farouk furniture and giant screen TVs? None of my relatives are, tant pis.

Not even so much as a solar hot water heater...

Anonymous said...

There should be a kind of popular revolutation against privatisation of lebanese electricity, because it will be worst. Here in France, french are against privatisation of EDF, why we couldn't do it. As for solar energy, we should start to introduce it by ourselves.

Thank you rami,