Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Poverty in the Phoenicia

The European Union brought together the main political forces of Lebanon to address the issue of economic and social equity. It took place in the Phoenicia hotel which is the most appropriate place to focus on the "poor, the excluded and the marginalized", as the conference aimed to do. You can read all about it here (in Arabic). I expect this to lead nowhere, but this is not why I blogged it. Its for the picture of Nayla Moawad, Ali Bazzi and Anwar al Khalil. Nayla Moawad, a leading figure in the March 14 pats the shoulder of Ali Bazzi, an very vocal MP from Amal and the March 8 movement. If one is to believe their political discourse and inflammatory statements and mutual accusations over the past 3 years, these two should despise each others and be worst enemies.

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