Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"Don't think for one minute that Palestinian olive oil is a "solidarity" product to buy out of compassion or to show support for the Palestinian cause. It may come from a UN conflict zone, but its sheer quality puts it up there with Europe's finest. Palestine has the world's most ancient olive groves, but agricultural statistics show that more than 1m olive trees have been uprooted or destroyed by Israelis since 1980 to make way for settlements. Yet still that oil keeps coming. There's the Nabali olive which produces a buttery, attractively peppery oil or the Rumi, which gives an oil that is quite fruity but more robust. These oils are smooth, persuasive ambassadors for a remarkable range of Palestinian foods that are slowly becoming available in the UK, US and Europe." (Thanks Annia)

Excellent article by Joanna Blythman who knows a lot about both food and politics. Kudos

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