Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Who profits: Israel and Palestinian agriculture

"In 2010, Israel exported fruit and vegetables in the total worth of 2.1 billion USD, 66% of which were exported to the European market. Some of this produce originated from occupied territories. The Israeli control over the water and the land in the West Bank prevents the development of a Palestinian agriculture. Better yet, the agriculture in the West Bank has turned the settlements themselves into profitable corporations through the establishment of water facilities, crops and export companies. 
Until its formal liquidation in September 2011, Agrexco was the main agricultural exporter of Israeli produce to Europe. Since then, most of the farmers and packing houses that worked with Agrexco have begun to look for alternative marketing options. The following Flash-report is an update on the major Israeli agriculture export companies presently operating in Occupied Territories. The report further indicates the harsh implications of an Israeli-only agriculture in occupied Palestinian and Syrian land. Moreover, please check out our report on the Israeli wine industry and the occupation." (Thanks Anne)

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