Thursday, April 15, 2010

Racist usurpers

Am reading through a book called "The Changing Landscape of the Central Jordan Valley" by Y. Ben-Arieh which retraces the colonization of Palestine and the founding of the first farms by the colonizers. Aside from the spurious scholarship common to zionist researchers in recounting the history of Palestine, there are a few gems. Here 's a couple:

"On June 8th, 1908, work began at the farm of Kinneret. Eight boys and one girl, known as the "working group of Ben-Shemen", arrived, and under the direction of the agronomist Berman established the first national farm for agricultural training. at first this activity was not approved by the workers Asocition of Galilee which objected strongly to the appointment of a manager on a national farm, as especially to Berman, who was known as a former employer of Arab workers. A partial ban was imposed on his farm, but after the latter's significance an importance was proved, the ban was lifted in July 1908."

"The accusations reached reached their peaks in an open quarrel that broke out between the workers and the manager in October 1909, triggered off by the farm manager's attempt to bring a group of Arab workers from `Ubeidiya to work on the farm when the grain was ready for threshing and the rains were due, and there was danger that the crop might rot. Because of this act several workers announced that they would leave the farm, while others organized a strike." 

Israel: a temporary racist entity...

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