Sunday, April 25, 2010

Total Kontrol

"Unilever made its debut entry into the Egyptian food and beverage industry in 1991 as part of an ambition focused on capturing the commanding heights of the entire market capitalization of Egypt and by extension the entire Middle East. The first few years witnessed a series of mergers with various companies that were already active in the domestic industry, this was part of the transition processes that has made it what it is today1. Among the reasons for its success in the region, though not in direct terms lies in the discerning ability of the corporation to recognize and understand the needs of its consuming clientele and therefore responding accordingly.

Technically speaking the underlining factor that should be credited for catapulting Unilever Egypt to its current position of prominence is anchored in the inside-out approach to Total Productive Maintenance.

    Unilever Egypt operates a unified Leadership Team that works to coordinate and oversee its business operations across Maghreb, Mashreq, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf states2.
Unilever Operational Framework

    With a current workforce in the Middle East reaching a high figure of forty eight thousand, it has become the top cash generating business organization that understands the terrain in the Middle East. Statistically, Unilever Egypt boasts of over four hundred products spanning fourteen categories of home, personal care and food products. Among the most renowned products include the Lipton tea family, Knorr, Omo and Dove."

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