Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunbula, Fair trade group from Palestine

"We are a Jerusalem-based nonprofit Fair Trade organization that supports Palestinian craft producers -- women's groups, artisan cooperatives and disabled people's organizations. By promoting traditional handicrafts locally and internationally, we support economic self-help efforts of those living in difficult conditions in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian minority inside Israel." (Thanks Muna)


glued blue glass said...

Thanks for posting this. I try to buy fair trade and was not aware of where to get products from Palestine. I will pass it on.

Leila said...

I was not aware of the couch-stitch or the patchwork traditions of needlework, only the cross-stitch embroidery. Curious, since I have a friend (Palestinian-American) who is an expert on Arab weaving and textiles.

Anyway, my lovely contemporary thowb and gown from souk Saida are embellished with a modern version of the tashreem or patchwork. The work on my Saida robe is done with a sewing machine, machine-made trim, and jacquard fabrics, and I have seen the exact same techniques embellishing furniture upholstery in shops all along the Sidon-Tyre road. It's not as costly or as appealing to connoisseurs as traditional handwork, but it makes a very handsome contemporary piece of clothing that is amenable to modern mass production (but still locally made).

I knew this technique was interesting. Thank you for linking to the site so I could discover its origin.