Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Illegal everywhere

The take over of Palestine by the Zionists must really be the biggest robbery in modern times. Still going on...

"In recent weeks, the settlers constructed two homes in an illegal outpost north of Beit El settlement. Several settlers are currently living in those homes and the so-called Civil Administration Office, which belongs to the Israeli Army, issued orders annexing the lands in question.

The Civil Administration Office admitted recently that it made a mistake after annexing a land, privately owned by a Palestinian elderly woman, identified as Mahbooba Yassin Abdullah. The army said that this land was not included in the military orders; the settlers forced the woman out of her land and installed their illegal outpost." (Thanks Marcy)

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Marilyn said...


Very nice blogs. I hope that the Abdullah family will get their land back after the court decision. I feel that it is becoming increasingly difficult for small landowners in occupied and free territories to make it. Globalization and corporate rights are seeing to that. The political situation in the States is not helping since both parties are owned. I am sure you are hearing of the pre-elections fiascoes.

I think food will become a critical political commodity with time as corporate conglomerations usurp that market and as more farmers across the world lose rights to own their own seeds. The same holds true for access to usable water.

We have our own battles with the issue of genetically modified foods in the USA and there is not enough information out there for the average person to explore the implications in a deeper manner. Organic farms may be contaminated because they exist side by side with ones that used GM produce.

The food information is great. I will be sure to try some of the recipes. I do not cook Lebanese food much any more and my trips to Lebanon are pretty rare.

Thank you for putting up the information. I will put a link to your blog on mine.

All the best,