Saturday, September 13, 2008

Resistance is organically farmed

"In 2002, in response to a wave of suicide bombers from Jenin, Israeli tanks leveled entire neighborhoods. From that rubble, now newly trained and equipped Palestinian security officials have restored order. Civilians are planning economic cooperation — an industrial zone to provide thousands of jobs, mostly to Palestinians, and another involving organic produce grown by Palestinians and marketed in Europe by Israelis.

“We got a clear American message that the Palestinian state will start from Jenin,” asserted Col. Radi Asideh, the deputy commander of the Palestinian security forces here who have recently received new Land Rovers and AK-47 assault rifles. “The plan is to have a security model that can then be implemented all over Palestine.”

Those may sound like the hopeful words of a credulous officer. But here is Gen. James L. Jones, special American envoy to the region in an interview this week after visiting Jenin: “I see this as a kind of dress rehearsal for statehood, a crucible where the two sides can prove things to each other.”" (Thanks Toufic)

This is a fabulously candid account of how the NYT and many "liberals" in the US and Israel and the rest of the world perceive the various stages of the creation of a Palestinian state:

1. Raze everything to the ground and kill all living creature to eliminate all traces of resistance.

2. Put an oppressive security regime in place on condition that this regime be subservient to the Israeli military.

3. Encourage Palestinians to grow food for export. Three birds with one stone: a. they remain reliant on Israeli food imports; b. they support the Israeli economy as the middle men (Israelis) stand to make the most money; c. the traders (and the Israeli government) will be able to control the local economy and therefore the local people, and keep them docile.

4. Get the US blessings for the whole operation.

Well I have news: no chance this will happen. Mark my words. Resistance is organically farmed.


Unknown said...

i love this image of resistance being organically farmed. beautiful.

Helena Cobban said...

Rami, I don't see a source/link for your news report. That would be great to have.

Your analysis that the Israelis-- even in the sector of agriculture, that the Palestinians have been engaged in for 1,000 times as long as they have!-- seek to have their jackboot on all the spigots of international trade is very important. Colonial projects were certainly ever thus. I think the emphasis on these goods being marketed as "organic" helps Israel to continue taking its 10% (or 70%, whatever the markup is) because they can give that "certification" to the Europeans, in addition of course to monopolizing all the shipping and marketing arrangements.

Is it too gory to ask whether Palestinian blood makes an acceptable fertilizer for organics?

Anonymous said...

The Israeli government and people will always think they are the "chosen" people. Better than anyone else...because they say God says so.
This justifies their violent theft of Palestine, and also insures the Israeli people will never know peace.

Hey, Mormon, Evangelical, etc. doctrine is all the same way.

I hope it is a primitive nature that will fade away as peace loving and working and diversity accepting people evolve into the majority.

Rania Masri said...

beautiful - "resistance is organically farmed."


Rami Zurayk said...

oops I had forgotten to link. It is linked to the NYT article now. Thanks for pointing out.