Monday, October 27, 2008


"With prices continuing to rise, cheap, filling foods such as bread, rice and lentils continue to be the primary sources of nutrition for millions of Egyptians. They turn to dishes like kushari for its taste, filling ingredients and affordability.

As one employee at Kushari Tahrir explained, kushari is an authentic street food for the people. "It's as Egyptian as you can get," he said."

The next "Israeli food"?


Leila said...

We stayed one night at the Ameera "Princess's Palace" hotel in Damascus, Qanawat near the Darweishi Mosque, in a 400 year old house. Don't sleep there, it's too loud at night with miked 3oud players until midnight, but go for their brunch/lunch. So elaborate. I photographed almost the whole spread but neglected to capture the fresco portrait of Nizar Qabbani in the alcove above the food.

Anyway, the owners and management are Egyptian so they serve koshari and fool in elaborate hotel chafing pans. Picture of koshari here:

You cannot miss Princess' Palace brunch, please go to Shem and indulge yourself and friends. Then outside the hotel, just down the street toward the gate & Revolution avenue, there's a small bakery that bakes dimpled breads I'd never seen before.

Leila said...

How about if I try a hot link?

Koshari at Princess' Palace, Damascus.