Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sous les pavés les champs

"The English have their allotments; in Sydney we use the streets. In a variation on guerilla gardening, Sydneysiders are moving veggie plots from the backyard to the street verge, and converting formerly fallow public land into mini-market gardens.

"We want to show people that they can grow food where they live and return to simpler, lower-impact lifestyle," says Mr Mobbs, who received support from the City of Sydney, which provided some labour and plants. Other councils are following suit.

"North Sydney Council has established a permaculture garden with vegetable beds at the coal loader site, next to Balls Head, Waverton," says the Mayor of North Sydney, Genia McCaffery. "We would certainly be very supportive if communities wanted to grow veggies in their street, as long as it's a community initiative."" (Thanks Maha)

During the May 1968 strike and riots in Paris, the students used to dig out the cobblestone (pavés) from the street to throw at the police. They painted the walls with their slogan: Sous les pavés la plage (under the cobblestones the beach).

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