Friday, March 13, 2009


Badael-Alternatives: My editorial: the project of a nation, on the failure to pass the Lebanese food law. Rana Hayek on what hides behind the food we eat, and two small news items about the increase in the prices of fresh vegetables due to the Christian fast, and about camomille.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks again for this great blog (No, I mean it: GREAT BLOG).

There's something I didn't get in your Al Badael column: is buying "Alban Falet" (Unconditioned Yoghourt?) a bad thing per se, or is it so because it's not monitored? And if it's inherently a bad thing what's the rationale? I've been buying my cheese, laban and labneh for many years from a small familial enterprise who prepares these products, themselves and sell them "falet". I like the taste, like and trust the people who make them and I dislike (hate?) supermarkets.


Rami Zurayk said...

Hi Dany. Falet here refers to "not individually packed at the source". This can be a major source of hazard especially if the cold chain is broken. It is not inherently a bad thing, of course, if safety and hygiene precautions are taken. And everybody does it, including supermarkets. The problem is that there is no food safety control anywhere along the production chain, so people have to rely on trust.