Sunday, March 1, 2009

Laila's laurel's

Dear Laila sent me this from Oakland, Ca. I post with her permission.

"This guy blogs sustainable living in my city - on the northside. I hardly ever see him!

He comments on our water emergency and that we urban customers are being asked to reduce use by 20%:

By his calculations, 4/5 (80%) of diverted water in Cali is used for irrigating crops. So if urban users reduce consumption by 20%, he figures that's a net savings of 3%.

He asks why we don't look at irrigation and how we use water in agriculture.

The 100 billion dollar question."

Laila is a writer who blogs at Dove's eye view, a great blog and I found out today that she has started another blog Think Global, Eat Laurel. I love it.


Steve Bloom said...

I almost missed seeing this post, which would have been too bad since I now know that Leila and I are "hoodies," as the phrase goes in East Oakland. Cool. Thanks for the blog links too.

Steve Bloom said...

Oops, I'm up too late and I pushed send too soon: We are "homies," although each of us might wear "hoodies." :)