Monday, August 2, 2010

News from home

I'm getting ready to leave the US. It has been a very interesting and educational trip, and I will write more about it from Beirut. I dont have a lot of time today, but I wanted to lay a few points down for further discussion later:

1. The situation in Lebanon is complex and dangerous. The US and its camp are playing a very dangerous game using the International Tribunal for Hariri in order to destroy the Resistance. The message is simple: the natives shall not be defiant, insubordinate or unruly. This could ignite the country and the region. But oddly enough, it hardly gets any mention in the US press.

2. Drones and targeted killings subcontracted to private companies are going to become the new way of doing war. And one cant help being amazed by the similarity in warfare between the US and Israel. Look at this article here,  Targeted Killing Is New U.S. Focus in Afghanistan ,
Drones, Deaths and Bribes: Mining the WikiLeaks Data
and compare with what goes on in Gaza everyday. Jonathan Cook: Do drone attacks make life and death worth less?

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