Monday, August 2, 2010

War is Peace: Obama doctrine. Read this article in context with the International Tribunal in Lebanon

"Amitai Eztioni is one of the most influential sociologists in the world.  Born in Germany, he emigrated to Israel during the years that state was being founded, settling later in the United States where he began a long academic career that led him to pass through some of the most prestigious universities in that country: Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, culminating in most recent years, as Professor of International Relations at George Washington University in Washington D.C. But his activities were not limited to university faculties: he was a permanent consultant to a variety of U.S. presidents, particularly Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. And since 9/11, with the inordinate rise of militarism, his voice has resonated with growing force in the U.S. establishment.  Just a few days ago he offered a new example.

An unconditional apologist for the State of Israel, he published an article in Military Review (the U.S. Army’s scholarly journal) that reveals the “climate of opinion” that prevails among the U.S. rightwing, the military industrial complex and the loftiest sectors of the administration, particularly the Pentagon.  The title of his article says it all:  “Can a Nuclear-Armed Iran be Deterred?”. The answer, needless to say, is negative. The publication of this article could not have arrived at a more opportune moment for U.S. warmongers, when repeated reports – silenced by the press that calls itself “free” or “independent” – speak of the deployment of U.S. and Israeli warships via the Suez Canal in Iran’s direction, raising fears of an imminent war.  In some of his latest “Reflections,” Comandante Fidel Castro has warned, with his customary lucidity, of the ominous implications of the military escalation unleashed by Washington against the Iranians, a pattern that is not dissimilar to that used to justify the aggression against Iraq: diplomatic hounding, denunciations before the U.N., increasingly rigorous sanctions from the Security Council; Tehran’s “failure to comply” and the inevitable military outcome."

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