Monday, March 28, 2011

The plot sickens

Yesterday Ali Abunima (avinunu) tweeted this: "Arab revolutions ought to be means to *reduce* not *increase* imperial intervention, penetration in the region". Today, Angry Arab wrote this about the counter-revolutionary wave running through the Arab world

"I will write about how this nasty counter-revolution began.  I believe that Saudi Arabia (with tacit Israeli support) decided to abort and hijack the Arab uprisings.  This happened right after the fall of Mubarak, when the relations between Saudi Arabia and US worsened due to Saudi displeasure with US behavior (as if the US did not do all it could do to save Mubarak).  But then the US came on board and the two are now clearly partners as they have been all along. Yesterday, I heard on Aljazeera a most bizarre "report": it said that a US/EU delegation is in Yemen to help in the "peaceful" transition of power in Yemen. In Yemen, for potato's sake, where the US was instrumental in the construction of the military-intelligence regime there.  The close relationship between Prince Saud Faysal and Tantawi are the other elements in the sinister plot.  The US and Saudi Arabia (with Israel not far behind) will basically try to guarantee that the new regimes are as bad if not even worse than the ancien regimes.  Witness them try to bring Rif`at Al-Asad and `Abdul-Halim Khaddam with other reactionary elements from the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood to power.  Now the task become opposition to all regimes and to their replacements with puppets of Saudi Arabia.  The good news is this: no matter what they arrange, fear is removed and the tight security control will be loosened forever."
So the Empire has gone on to Plan Z and is deploying it using various means: Saudi military intervention in Bahrain (US intervention by proxy to protect its naval bases), direct imperial intervention in Libya to ensure the next regime will be malleable (read "subservient"), political manipulations in Tunisia and Egypt, the corruption of the Yemeni uprising with the entry en-force of Ali Muhsin on the stage and suddenly becoming a leader of the uprising, ready to take power from Ali Abdallah Saleh with US blessings (I wrote earlier about this unsavory character, his ambitions and his Saudi links), and lately in Syria where the US-Saudi hands are clear and apparent. This is going to pose a serious dilemma to Syrian comrades and true revolutionaries. I personally endorse Angry Arab's position: opposition to regimes and to their replacement with US puppets.

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Anonymous said...

Discerning American and Israeli plots, however improbable, is the closest thing that Arabs have to an art form.