Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Uprisings and cost of food

This survey by GlobeScan deduces that last summer the Egyptians were more focused on cost of living than on democracy.

"Food prices, rather than free speech, appears to be the problem that most preoccupies Egyptians.
GlobeScan found last summer that Egyptians were more likely to have talked about rising food and energy prices than any other global problem over the last month (see map), and that Egypt was alongside Indonesia, Nigeria, and Mexico in seeing food and energy prices as among the top three most important global issues. In contrast, Egyptians ranked human rights abuses only as the ninth most serious global problem. " (Thanks Muna)

This insistance on making food rather than freedom the main driver for Arab uprising is annoying to say the least. So people get together and chit chat about their daily problems, the cost of living, and that makes them a people who only responds to their stomachs. Elsewhere of course, people get together around a coffee and talk about quantum mechanics. And don't you love it that in the US, people casually discuss the state of the global economy? 

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Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

I would also suspect that it would depend so much on where the responders are from. City people would worry much more about food than country folk... BUT the idea that the revolution was just about food is actually insulting. The difference in the happiness level in general is enormous and food is still expensive.