Friday, April 29, 2011

May 15, the Return to Palestine March: the preparations continue, please disseminate

It has been ages since I have written on the blog. I am posting on the Return to Palestine March blog in preparation for the May 15 event that will bring together Palestinians and lebanese and whoever would like to join to a location at the border. This is a peaceful march, and all palestinian factions and many lebanese factions and members of civil society are involved in preparing it. In other countries, the situation is the same, and it has been a long long time since I have seen the Lebanese and Palestinians working together with a shared political agenda. I will have plenty to say about that and about the March later, but just to give an idea of what is going on, please go to this link and look at the superb artwork that has been adopted by the March. A refreshing change from the classical stuff...

Jamaa Al-Yad, an artists' collective located in Beirut, in coordination with representatives from various Palestinian and Lebanese civil society organizations, is providing at the above link a collection of materials (posters, flyers, handouts, stickers, stencils, etc.) to be used to publicize "The Return to Palestine March" and related activities scheduled for May 15 throughout the world. These materials are free to download and disseminate.

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