Sunday, June 15, 2008


The United Arab Emirates' annual food import bill is $16 billions. Much of it is in meat and animal products fro Brazil and India, and tons of food is wasted and end up in the bin, but it's all part of the lifestyle exemplified by Dubai, the pearl of the UAE. The economic council of the UAE has decided that it needs to address the food crisis by importing more, stocking it and diversifying the sources. The UAE's agricultural potential is tiny, and imports will have to continue to be the main source of food. But look what sorry state the Arab World is in: in spite of the vapid talk of "integration" that keep being repeated at each Arab League meeting, the reality is that it is disjointed and that each one of the colonially created nations is now a stand alone entity, disconnected from its environment. The food crisis could have paved the way to major integration in farming and food production between the different Arab countries.

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