Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's about management

"Rejecting old customs as well as the modern reliance on genetic engineering, Dr. Uphoff, 67, an emeritus professor of government and international agriculture with a trim white beard and a tidy office, advocates a management revolt.

Harvests typically double, he says, if farmers plant early, give seedlings more room to grow and stop flooding fields. That cuts water and seed costs while promoting root and leaf growth." (Thanks D., Anna and Rania)

Forget about GMOs, here comes the soft approach. The international agribusinesses are going to be thrilled. Uphoff is from Cornell, Norman Borlaug's university. Borlaug was instrumental in the Green revolution...

By the way there have been lots of research published on similar themes, like increasing spacing for improving yields, but very little has ever been taken into account. The business of seeds.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Norman Borlaug did all his academic work at the U. of Minnesota, not Cornell.