Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arabia Felix: pas de quoi etre heureux

"The Republic of Yemen is one of the driest, poorest and least developed countries in the world. It ranks 150 out of 177 countries on the UNDP Human Development Index (2006). An estimated 42 percent of the people are poor, and one Yemeni in five is malnourished. Poverty is endemic, particularly in more remote and less accessible areas.

About two thirds of the population, including 80 percent of the country’s poor people, live in rural areas and most of them depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Agriculture is a vital economic sector, providing jobs and income in a country with an unemployment rate of 37 percent and averting migration to urban areas. But the country’s poor natural resource base cannot meet the needs of a population that is increasing by more than 3 percent annually. Yemen has the world’s fourth fastest growing population, according to a recent UNICEF report."

Yemen is also a country that has oil. Not in large quantities, but in sufficient amounts to invest in infrastructure. Where does the oil money go? Where does it go in Syria? or even in Saudi?

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