Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Government of National Unity

We're not in a time of crisis (yet), but I shall allow myself this small exception: this editorial by Khaled Saghieh is just too funny and too true (my rapid translation):

"We're eagerly looking forward to the souvenir picture of the new Government of National Unity, for which we occupied the the city center and we created songs and anthems, for which meetings and conferences were organized and were attended by representatives of the whole world. But as we wait for the picture, we can congratulate them all:

Congratulations to Hizbullah for having used its weapons internally to end up forming a government headed by the person who tried to use the Israeli attack on Lebanon in order to disarm the resistance.

Congratulations to the Prime Minister for having managed to impose his smurfs as ministers, demonstrating yet again his strategic importance to the "moderate Arab camp".

Congratulations to all the ministers whose previous performance was so successful that their appointment was renewed without this raising a single eyebrow.

Congratulations to Waleed Beik Jumblat who discovered just before the parliamentary elections that the Lebanese Forces are trying to play a role bigger than their size when he himself, and for the past 3 years, has been inflating them.

Congratulations to the Lebanese Forces who were very appropriately granted the Ministry of Justice.

Congratulations to the President of the Republic for his choice of Elias el Murr as Minister of Defense after his excellent political management of the Nahr el Bared battles.

Congratulations to all the Lebanese for the Ministry of Finance which has moved from the hand of the right to that of the extreme right, both hands being under the authority of "The Statesman" to whom we owe the debt and the taxes.

Congratulations for offering the Ministry of Agriculture to the scion of a feudal family.

Congratulations to Ali Kanso to whom they should have given the Ministry of Labor so that he can complete the dismantling of the Labor Unions.

Congratulations for the ministry of Bank Audi.

Congratulations for the ministry granted to the supporters of the Shi`a enlightenment. We are so completely dazzled. Switch off some lights please so we can sleep."

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Ms Levantine said...

The article is way too bitter. In Lebanon we do not have our 15 minutes of fame, but every Lebanese male WILL be a minister for 15 minutes during his lifetime.

This is the Lebanese way, so stand in line and stop being sarcastic.